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Unbeatable Introducer Rates

Earn commission for the life of your clients. Most mortgage introducers be it estate agents, solicitors or accountants refer their customers onto mortgage brokers and get paid once for that referral. Our unbeatable Introducer is highlighted below in 3 easy steps...



At Mortgage Connect, we pay our introducers commission for every product that we arrange for them, be it mortgage, protection or home insurance.
And we don’t pay it just the once.


We pay introducers for every subsequent product we arrange for them over their life. We conduct reviews with the clients you refer every two years – each time we check their mortgage, life insurance, critical illness and home insurance policies. We also arrange and review Wills and Funeral Plans.


When we say we pay commission for life, we mean exactly that. If you choose to retire, you’ll continue to receive a residual income from the products we arrange for the clients you refer. Even if you choose to sell your business, we continue to pay into the limited company, increasing its value.




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